Customer Journey: 
Championing the customer experience

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Role: Co-facilitator

Overview: When I began my role at Cisco in 2013 my first customer experience assignment was part of a long-term strategy led by the design team to transform the business into a more customer centric organization. The organization needed a holistic view of the business from a customer point of view to understand the gaps in the customer experience.

Process: My first step was to translate research data from business stakeholder and customer interviews into a consumable artifact that documented the current state of the customer experience. We highlighted two main paths to purchase—purchases online and purchases through the sales team.

Next I used the customer experience documentation to facilitate discussions across various departments within the Cisco organization and workshops with cross-functional teams within Webex to develop a set of customer personas and user journeys. These exercises helped us to align our understanding of the various customer types and needs. We documented customer delights and pain points which gave the business visibility into areas to improve.

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Result: The design team used the customer journey maps for project prioritization and reference for future user experience research including usability testing and surveys. As a result of working with cross-functional teams to develop a shared understanding of the customer experience, the journey served as a framework to plan and design a holistic customer experience for ecommerce.