Applies design-thinking methodologies to strategize and shape business visions and solutions.


Brings cross functional teams together and inspires them through collaboration to work towards a shared vision.

UX Design

Creates high quality user experiences for web and mobile products by applying user-centric design processes.

My approach


What people are saying about me

"Armando, Your innovation, dedication, and commitment have resulted in a step level change to our customer journeys. They provide a foundation to significantly improving our customer experience. Thank you so much for this outstanding work."

Diana Silva,
Ecommerce Manager

"...Armando was incredibly generous with his time and expertise and never hesitated to go beyond what was required. In addition to being a hard-working self-starter and an innovative user experience designer, he has extraordinary ability as a design manager who can really bring great team dynamic. I can offer only the highest recommendation for Armando."

Miso Kim,
Experience Design Educator

"...I can firmly say Armando is a seasoned designer who knows how to bring the best in others, a great facilitator/organizer who can get things moving, creative thinker and a strong team player. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Armando and would love to have the opportunity to work with him again."

Youna Choi,
Product Designer

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